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By definition, La Planque is a stash. It's a hidden place, warm. This is the kind of place where you can take shelter. Safe from what? Safe from our Quebec storms, away from our routines, out of our worries ... away from what you want, in fact. We put the Planque up to put in a safe place what held us most at heart: quality food, good wine, tasty beer and music that makes us smile. Our greatest wish? Share it all with you, because after all, that's when La Planque is filled that it really comes to life. Come stash you: the door is open!

Le salon privé

Perfect for office meetings

Temporary closed***The real hideout, in fact, is located underground: in our basement is provided a soundproof room that allows you to hide you, bluntly. Whether it’s for business meetings or for more personal evening, our safe house will offer you all the privacy you desire. Maximum capacity of 10 people. Find out by calling us!

Section Bar

Casual atmosphere


The bar area is the best place for a relax night in good compagny. You will satisfy your curiosity with our enthusiatic barmans/barmaids who will reveal you the secret of a good old fashioned or a homemade cocktail.Come party with us!

La Cuisine

At the center of the action

If you want to check out the cooking action this section is perfect for you. You can enjoy the counter with a view directly on the kitchen to watch and learn the cooking techniques of our chefs. It is also possible to enjoy the view of the kitchen while sitting comfortably at a table.

La mezzanine

For an intimate or group meal

The mezzanine allows you to enjoy the bar area and catch a glimpse of the action in our kitchen. This quieter section allows you to spend a more intimate evening. It is also perfect for group dinner. You can use all the space and create your own atmosphere.

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